The LaP at ATBC congress (Association for Tropical Biology and Conservation)

July 11, 2016



On the 21 st of June 2016, the symposium “Primates on the move: from local to landscape scale” organized by Dr Marie-Claude Huynen (University of Liège, Belgium) and Dr Laurence Culot (Sao Paula State University – LaP), took place in Montpellier (France) and received the contribution of 10 speakers from 6 different countries (Belgium, Brazil, Thailand, United States, Canada, United Kingdom):


HUYNEN Marie-Claude - Space use and directness to out-of-sight resources in semi-provisioned and wild-feeding groups of Macaca leonina


REYNA-HURTADO Rafael - Primates adjust movement strategies with food availability


CROFOOT Margaret - Comparative foraging strategies of Neotropical frugivores: Do primates forage ‘smarter’?


SAVINI Tommaso - Forest types affect seed shadows by white-handed gibbons


ASENSIO Norberto - The ecology of space-use patterns of two sister gibbon species in their contact zone


AGGIMARANGSEE Nantiya - Influence of food provisioning by humans on locomotion of dusky langur (Trachypithecus obscurus Reid, 1837) at Khao Lommuak, Prachuap Khiri Khan,Thailand


CULOT Laurence - Which Factors Shape The Trajectories Of The Black-Lion Tamarins In A Fragmented Landscape?


ALVES-EIGENHEER Milene - Using individual-based models to assess the landscape connectivity for the endangered Golden-Lion Tamarins


JOHNSON Caspian - Baboon troop movements and their ecological determinants at local and continental scales


STRANDBURG-PESHKIN Ariana - Social and environmental factors influence local movement decisions in a troop of wild baboons

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